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Hi everyone, I wanted to briefly talk about my experience so far at Healthy U. First off, this has been my favourite program I have ever joined. It hasn’t been too long since I joined Healthy U and it has been very fun. Everyone in the program is really fun to work with and our weekly meetings are very enjoyable. Other than enjoying myself in this program, I have learned lots about many important topics in our world. These topics include intersectionality, mental health, physical health, etc. My favourite topic to explore and talk about is physical health. I feel that taking care of your physical health is very important and I feel everyone should try to take care of their physical health. A few ways to improve your physical health could be exercising, eating more fruits and veggies, getting more sleep, etc. I hope to see you in person next year and I’m looking forward to meeting new people. Take care everyone!

Read more about how to improve your physical health:


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