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Healthy U

Are you looking to speak to a peer about mental health, sexual health, physical health, substance use and/or harm reduction? You are in the right place!

Healthy U is made up of a team of friendly volunteers who are trained Peer Health Educators. The Healthy U team receives ongoing training and support from the Student Counselling Centre and Health and Wellness.

The Peer Health Educators are passionate and knowledgeable about relevant health topics and are available to answer questions, provide information, and connect fellow students to resources. 

Examples of Healthy U appointment topics may include: relationships, questions about birth control, stress and overwhelm with student life, loneliness, self-care... The list goes on.

All appointments are free, confidential, and held in the offices located inside of the Student Wellness Centre.

Is Healthy U Right for Me?

Healthy U is a peer support service and is not a substitute for counselling.

What Healthy U can do:

  • Provide a space to talk with a UM Healthy U student volunteer about your physical, mental, and sexual health questions and needs—your overall well-being;

  • Provide you with information and education on a variety of wellness topics (e.g., how to cope with stress; contraception information, etc.);

  • Inform you of available service and support options on and off campus and provide you with appropriate resource packages (e.g., package on how to improve your sleep);

  • Provide a listening ear.

What Healthy U cannot do:

  • Provide someone for you to meet with on a regular basis throughout the term—typically students only meet with a Healthy U volunteer once unless they have a new and different question/need.

  • Provide the help you need for complex, continuing mental health concerns such as post-traumatic stress, attention deficit disorder, depression, sexual violence or trauma — if this is what you’re seeking, please use the resources of the SCC and those available through the UMSU student health care plan;

  • Provide the help you need if you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

Appointment Slots


Book an Appointment with a
Peer Health Educator

To request an appointment, please send us a message with 2 dates and times that work for you within the week (see above) and we will confirm your appointment via email shortly!

Thanks for submitting!

Student Wellness Centre

Room 162 Extended Education

406 University Crescent 

University of Manitoba

(Fort Garry Campus)

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