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Social and Cultural Wellness Packages

It can be tough to find the right information about a health question. Read about some common health topics in our e-health packages!

Feel free to download any of the PDFs. Alternatively if viewing the health packages on screen is not accessible for you, please e-mail us or phone us at 204 474 6740 and we can provide a printed copy.

What are the benefits of friendships?

Humans are social beings. The connections and relationships we have impact our health. Meeting new people and making friends is a large part of university. Friends can:

  • Boost happiness

  • Reduce stress

  • Help with coping

  • Increase your sense of belonging


In a university context, it can feel daunting to make new friends and keep old ones. To nurture friendships you can: be kind, listen to them, pay attention, be honest, open up and spend time together.

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