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Sexual Health Packages

It can be tough to find the right information about a health question. Read about some common health topics in our e-health packages!

Feel free to download any of the PDFs. Alternatively if viewing the health packages on screen is not accessible for you, please e-mail us or phone us at 204 474 6740 and we can provide a printed copy.

Healthy U and Sexual Health

Sexual health is a broad topic that encompasses sexuality, kinks, sex positivity, views on sex, identity, body, consent, healthy relationships, planned pregnancies and knowledge about STIs. Healthy U takes a sex positive, accepting and non-judgmental approach to sexual health.


Consent is the basis of all interactions. We raise our hand in class to talk, ask to borrow a pencil or ask someone to move so we can get off the bus. FRIES is the acronym Planned Parenthood uses for consent:


  • Freely given: consent is a choice made consciously without manipulation, pressure or under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Reversible: At any point, anyone can change their minds

  • Informed: Everyone involved knows what will happen

  • Enthusiastic: You should only things you want to do, not things you are expected to do

  • Specific: saying yes to one thing (kissing) doesn’t automatically mean yes to another (having sex)

Adapted from Planned Parenthood

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