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Previous Events and Important Dates

Healthy U volunteers plan, design, create and host interactive tabling outreach event to educate peers on health-related topics

They also facilitate interactive and engaging presentations and workshops to students

Check out some of our past events!

Fall 2020



Volunteers invited students to share their favourite study and feel good songs!

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"Chill Out Bro" Tabling

Volunteers encouraged students to engage in holistic well-being practices and develop healthy coping strategies in a way that will maximize student time.



"Want to Boost Your GPA? Go to Sleep!" Tabling

Students were told the benefits of sleep. There were Items to make a sleep package including ear plugs, tea bags, and information sheets from sleep package



"Smashing the Scale" Tabling

Students engaged in conversations with volunteers about body image and the ways they measure their health


Volunteers emphasized that you can be body positive while actively striving to maintain your physical health.



“Eat Right Game Night” Nutrition bingo

An event held in residence educating students on healthy eating choices. This event included a demonstration on creating simple and healthy ‘mason jar meals’, and students received mini recipe books.



"Pour me a Drink!" Tabling

Students were invited to pour themselves a drink with different alcohol concentrations.


There were beer googles that distorted their vision based on the ‘amount’ of alcohol they had.

Healthy U Timeline

Healthy U is a group of peer support educators at the University of Manitoba.

We operate under Student Support through the Health and Wellness Office

Health Packages

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