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My Healthy U Experience!

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be back at Healthy U to learn and share more about health and wellness on campus! Many of us are not on campus at the moment due to remote learning, but that should not keep us from loving ourselves and balancing school, life, and health. It can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves when we are learning remotely.

I first joined Healthy U last winter and learned many things. I gained insight into the various elements to health and overall wellness. I also gained knowledge of self care and how important it is to make time for ourselves in our busy university life. Many students can experience stress and burnout from school and overall challenges of life. Some tips to avoid burning out would be to do things you enjoy (such as hobbies), eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and spending time with friends and family.

Another thing that I learned during my time with Healthy U is time management. A lot of our stresses can arise from poor time management. This was something I learned during my first semester in university. It’s super important (in my opinion) to make a good schedule that encompasses your school work, job (if you have one), hobbies and relaxation time, and sleep! If you can make yourself a schedule that you can stick to, it can help alleviate a lot of pressure and stress. When I first started university, I was constantly worried about deadlines and I had a really difficult time keeping up with everything that was expected of me in school and life. After I made a good schedule, I was able to balance everything out and I did not find myself stressed out anymore. For me, a good schedule was one that encompassed my deadlines, relaxation/break time, and study time.

Finally, remember that if you are struggling with any issues, there are resources that would love to help you out in your situation. There are many resources available to help you cope. Some resources are Healthy U, Klinic, and there’s lots of workshops that happen on campus.

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About the Author


Hi there! My name is Daksh and I’m currently enrolled in my second year in the Faculty of Science. This is my second year with Healthy U and it’s been an absolute blast learning about health and wellness and being able to give back to the university community.

Outside of school, I really enjoy motocross, volunteering, sports, and cars. I look forward to this coming year and hopefully sharing more health related knowledge on campus!


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