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How to deal with uncertainty?

As students, workers, and family members, our lives are filled with uncertainty. Naturally, it becomes so hard to take control of our lives and just live it. Uncertainty can cause huge amount of stress, it may feel like we are losing control of our life, and ultimately all of this can put a strain on our mental health. That is why it is so important to remind ourselves that a little uncertainty is okay and that is what makes life interesting, surprising, fun and mysterious. But on harder days, there are steps we can take to let ourselves know that everything will be okay.


Our lives are filled with uncertainty and there are things that are not in our hands. By focusing on smaller, manageable tasks we can regain feelings of control. Setting small, achievable goals everyday like making your bed or wearing new clothes can set the tone for the rest of the day. For me, it is washing my face every day, waking up at the same time from Monday to Friday, and a must have cup of tea daily. Despite attending online school, these activities keep me sane and allow me to be productive for schoolwork. Find your routine that fits you and try doing it every day.

Reflecting on your past experiences can bring a lot of insight and prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think. Nearing the exam season, I feel unprepared, anxious, and struggling. Realizing and reflecting that I have gone through this before so, I can do it again. I just need to focus on my studying habits and plan ahead. Thinking about these past events helps me fight through upcoming uncertain events.

It is very important to stay in touch with people, even if digitally, with whom you can share feelings, discuss problems and receive advice. This is an essential part of weathering through life’s storms. Reaching out for help when you feel overwhelmed by a situation is doing kindness to yourself. Just by talking it out can help you to stay calm. Sometimes, you need to connect with yourself as well to understand your emotions. So, give sometime to yourself to figure out what is troubling you.


Knowing that everyone is going through the same uncertainties as you can also provide some comfort. So here is me telling you that we are all in the same boat whether we are sitting in the front or back. If you are worried about school, life, work, or your family, just know that everything will work out in time. You have to keep moving to get to the good parts. Focus on building your resilience, give yourself a break, and applaud yourself from going through difficult situations with grace. You got this!

For a list of supports available at U of M and in Winnipeg, click here.


About the Author

Naila (She/Her)

Hello everyone! My name is Naila Tariq . I am in my second year, majoring in Psychology. I look forward to having an amazing time with HU this year to create meaningful content that will help my peers in coping with unique challenges of these times.

In my free time, you can find me baking cookies with my sister, and getting cozy with Hot C in my hand (Weather does not matter!). Excited to see y’all!


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