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Healthy U's Health Promotion & Wellness Bingo Night!

What Is health promotion?

The World Health Organization defines health promotion as the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. Health promotion draws information from a number of different disciplines such as biology, psychology, environmental, physical, and medical sciences to equip individuals with information which, in turn, helps to prevent disease, disability, and death.

The end goal of health promotion is to educate communities to positively influence behaviors which will lead to safer, healthier choices.

Why is health promotion important?

No one likes to be sick or injured. Being informed about your health could help reduce the amount of time, money, and resources spent trying to receive medical treatment. Health promotion reduces the stress put on the healthcare system by emphasizing prevention, this can lead to decreased wait times to see healthcare professionals and help combat shortages found throughout the healthcare system (for more information, click here). For university students, health promotion provides students with the confidence to make healthier choices which in turn can lead to lessen reliance on outside care and improved sense of well-being. Health care within the postsecondary context could look like practicing harm reduction at a party (safer drinking tips), employing stress reduction strategies when classes get stressful, or safer sex practices (such as regular testing or consideration of protection).

What does health promotion look like?

Health promotion looks different all throughout our community. It can look like first aid certification classes through your employer, safer sexual education in a high school, or university health and wellness programming (i.e. educational workshops or events). Health promotion can also be in the form of online content . For example, UM's Healthy U gives out health packages in the form of pamphlets that have great resources to learn more about all things pertaining to health and wellness. Health packages Healthy U gives out include: A Guide to Stress and Anxiety, A Guide to Healthier Eating, A Guide to Sleep, A Guide to Safer Alcohol Use, and A Guide to Communication and more! To find all of the health packages Healthy U has to offer check out our website under the health packages tab. .


Intrigued? Find out how you can participate in health promotion events next week!

At Healthy U, we are a group of peer health educators who aim to provide students with reputable health information through one-on-one peer office hours, online content, and outreach events. If you want to know more about topics surrounding all aspects of health, come to our drop-in Healthy U Bingo Night Thursday, March 23rd 5pm-7pm hosted at VW Social Club located in University Center for a chance to win prizes and to brush up on your health and wellness knowledge!


About the Author

Elizabeth (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Elizabeth (she/her), and I am in my 3rd year studying Human Nutritional Sciences.

Some of my health topics of interest include health disparities in our community, reproductive health topics, and promoting health literacy. In my free time I love being outside, reading books and baking treats for my friends and family.


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