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My experience as a Healthy U volunteer

Last year after I got selected for this program, my brother and dad met with a horrific accident. So, my summer routine was working full time, taking online classes, and visiting my brother on my off days. It was a busy summer nonetheless so, when another school year rolled around, my thoughts were that maybe right now is not the best time to join the program. It is a place where I am supposed to be advocating for student’s well being while mine is not in such a good condition. However, something told me to not quit and see what happens. And that brings me to writing this reflection post at the end of the program year.

I am so glad that I made this decision because it has been an amazing experience to be part of Healthy U. I have learned so many things and went out of my comfort zone. I have learned content creation that is accessible to all, how to create more inclusive environments and public speaking skills. While I was online studying for the last two-years, Healthy U was my UM community that gave me a space to voice my ideas. Every Friday was a hangout among volunteers, facilitator, and our coordinators. It is a place where we share ideas without a fear of judgment, where we strive to create an inclusive environment, and where I was encouraged to grow. I am really happy that I joined this program and learned so much which has helped me grow into a better person and thinker. I really hope that anyone who reads our blog posts or interact with our social media learns something from it as well.


About the Author

Naila (She/Her)

Hello everyone! My name is Naila Tariq . I am in my second year, majoring in Psychology. I look forward to having an amazing time with HU this year to create meaningful content that will help my peers in coping with unique challenges of these times.

In my free time, you can find me baking cookies with my sister, and getting cozy with Hot C in my hand (Weather does not matter!). Excited to see y’all!


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