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Welcome to the Healthy U Website

Hello and welcome to the new Healthy U website!

Healthy U is a group of peer educators trained in Health and Wellness topics. We will be providing outreach services via online workshops, social media and frequent posts. Due to being online this year, we will not be hosting drop-in hours.

Students can find useful and accurate health and wellness information here. Although Healthy U drop-in hours are cancelled, our volunteers will continue to create content and online events for you! Learn more about our student volunteers in the about us section.

The health packages are a large part of the Healthy U program. They provide students with reliable information and resources. They are now available online for you to read or download. Check out our “health package” section to learn about mental, sexual and physical health, substance use, social wellness and finding balance.

Finally, our events section allows you to see upcoming and previous events created by the Healthy U program.

This page will be updated regularly with new content and outreach events.

We hope you learn something new!

Enjoy :)


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