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Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

This summer, I achieved a huge personal goal by moving out for the first time!

However, the freedom gained in moving out comes at a cost – literally. Learning to manage these new financial and household responsibilities has been a challenge, so here are some tips and tricks if you recently moved out, or are hoping to move out soon!

Be Patient and Practice Self-Compassion

Possibly the most important advice I can give you is to be patient with yourself! You’re going to learn a lot about yourself during this time, and remember that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Buy Used

Almost all of my furniture is second-hand, and this saved me a substantial amount of money. Don’t underestimate what you can find at thrift stores as well – see the pictures below for some of my favourite second hand items that I have found!

Patterned rug in front of bed with grey bedding
This chic rug is from Kijiji

three wine glasses beside a white flour container. All are on top of a wooden serving board
These wine glasses, serving board, and flour cannister are all thrift store finds

Grey couch with wooden coffee table in front of it
My coffee table and couch are both second hand!

Use a Calendar or Planner

One of the most unexpected challenges I encountered was how much time I would need for cooking, cleaning, and organizing my finances. Writing out your plans and responsibilities for the week can help you visualize your time and ease that overwhelming feeling.

Check the Dollar Store

Before heading to big brand name stores, try checking the dollar store. But be careful when it comes to name brand items – check that the price makes sense for the size of the product!

I can’t wait to see what else I learn during my first school year of living alone!


About the Author

Carly (She/Her)

Hi everyone! I am a returning volunteer to HU as it has been such an engaging and gratifying experience. I am in the Faculty of Science, taking the Honours psychology program with a minor in biology. I’m passionate about helping others, especially with understanding mental health, sexual health, and gender related issues.

I love spending time with friends and family, exploring new places in the city, reading thriller novels, and listening to new music.


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