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The Best AND Worst of Online School

Top Three BEST Things About Online School

Admit it, there were some perks.

No commute = Saving time and money

Whether you usually pay for parking, gas, or public transit, most of us have avoided some sort of transportation expense this year. Shout out to everyone who cycles or jogs to class – I’m not entirely sure you exist but the idea of you gives me hope.

Sleeping in until 5 minutes before class

To say I’m not a morning person would be the understatement of the year. Being able to sleep in right until class starts is a dream – literally.

Getting to know yourself better

Spending more time alone provides a safe space to get to know yourself better.


Top Three WORST Things About Online School

Yes, focus on the positive, BUT… It’s nice to know you’re not struggling alone.


If you’re living at home like me, perhaps your bedroom has also become your office. The cycle of getting out of bed, sitting at my desk to stare at my laptop for 8-12 hours, and crawling back into bed is… not ideal.

“Cameras On, Please”

We’ve all been there – you’re still in bed, in your PJs, maybe eating a snack, and unexpectedly you need to show your face. But that won’t stop me from making the same mistake tomorrow!

The Feeling of Being on Campus

I truly miss the atmosphere on campus, and can’t wait to meet new people again!


As the winter semester ends, I hope you can reflect on the past academic year and remember that your experience is valid – whether it was mostly good or mostly bad, you made it through. You adapted to new challenges and learned through the process, so take a minute to show yourself some kindness and appreciation!


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