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Real Me Resolution

Hi everyone and welcome to January!

Every year we see it. The new year resolution pressures followed by a flood of advertisements around “health” in the form of the familiar January refrain that we aren’t enough.

This year, we wanted to shift the idea around New Year's resolutions. Instead of focusing our wellness goals on what to fix or how better suit societal norms, we wanted to encourage taking the guilt, shame, and expectations out.

We invite you to join us in our Real Me Resolution campaign! We want to encourage space to focus on listening to our body's and creating intentions out of love and respect for ourselves. For more information, click here!

If this is something that is resonating with you- keep reading! We have created and attached below a Top 10 Wellness Tip guide and a Realistic Resource list to help you renew your relationship with physical health and well-being overall.

We invite you to download, print, or come back and visit anytime these may be helpful. We can't wait to see your authentic self shine through.

Happy New Year everyone!


Real Me Physical Wellness Tips
Download PDF • 258KB

Real Me Resolutions Resources
Download PDF • 169KB


About the Authors

Jay (they/them) & Bryanna (she/her)

Jay, Mental Health Promotion Facilitator.

Bryanna, Health and Wellness Educator / Healthy U coordinator.

We created the Real Me Resolution Campaign with the intention of prioritizing authenticity and self love in this new year.

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