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Let's Talk Sexual Health!

Today I will be speaking about sexual health! In my opinion, it certainly can be a difficult or sensitive topic for some to openly discuss. That is perfectly alright! Today, I will try to bring down some barriers to this topic.


What is sexual health? Sexual health is about being open and aware of your mind, body, and general health. It’s about approaching your sexuality and sexual relationships in a respectful manner. There is nothing wrong with what you want or what you like. To maintain your sexual health, it is important to make your own choices and to not be pressured into doing something you may not want to do. You deserve to feel empowered and in full control of your body. The body you have is yours alone. Living or being in an environment that promotes sexual health and its awareness is great as well. It can be a huge factor in your acceptance and understanding of sexuality. If you don’t have a safe or supportive environment, you can research your rights and sexual health topics. It is also great to be mindful of exiting websites if you don’t want people to see what you are looking at. A website that quickly allows you to exit their site is In keeping with what I’ve said, I believe that these pointers can lead you to safer sexual experiences that are satisfying and meaningful to you.

Sexual health is important to overall well-being. To engage in safer and respectful sexual experiences, here are a few overall tips for people:

-be well versed or try to find out how you can access quality information regarding sex and sexuality. People may not necessarily have lots of knowledge regarding this topic, but that’s perfectly okay! Research how you can access quality information regarding sex and sexuality. Remember to be kind to yourself as this can be a learning curve.

-speak to your healthcare professional regarding your sexual health

-learn about safer sex methods to reduce risk (risks can include sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, etc.)

-know where you can access sexual health care

Above all, remember to love and accept yourself. You’re perfect the way you are!

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About the Author


Hi there! My name is Daksh and I’m currently enrolled in my second year in the Faculty of Science. This is my second year with Healthy U and it’s been an absolute blast learning about health and wellness and being able to give back to the university community.

Outside of school, I really enjoy motocross, volunteering, sports, and cars. I look forward to this coming year and hopefully sharing more health related knowledge on campus!

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